It’s a Partnership

When procuring products and services, the relationship with a provider doesn’t end after the delivery of goods. You as a customer are effectively entering an ongoing relationship and are bound by the quality, support and product evolution of the provider. So it’s critical you select someone that aligns with your needs.

We hire talented people that focus on our customers

Here at Axon, we focus on hiring and developing the best to talent manage our product development and provide customer support. We keep a constant, open ear to customer demands and desires to steer the development of our products.

We integrate with your other systems integrates with your directory services to enable Single Sign-On, with your CAD and RMS system to automate data entry, and more with our robust application program interface (API). It’s painful when systems work in silos and can’t communicate with each other, so we've built solutions to avoid that pain.

We train and guide your users

Axon offers extensive onsite training, training material and interactive courses to ensure your users are using effectively and securely. Check out our additional resources. We not only give you the vehicle, but we teach you to drive it.

We Focus on Public Safety

Axon focuses on developing and managing the best products for the public safety market. We don’t create products for other markets and repurpose them to serve public safety. Our products are built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of public safety customers.

We let you know where we are going

How do you ensure that when you create this partnership that it will last for years? Well, you need to know what your partners’ plans are and what lies ahead in the future. Axon can provide customers and prospective customers our Product and Technology Roadmap that details upcoming products and features. Contact your Axon Sales Representative for more details.

We've got your back

We understand that human error can occur when managing your users and credentials. That’s why Axon maintains a cyber insurance policy and is able to issue an insurance certificate to customers naming them as additional insured under our cyber insurance policy.