About us

Imagining the future of public safety.


We’re the world’s leading public safety tech business comprising over 1,000 energetic, curious and passionate technologists and people who’ve worked in mission-critical environments. We’re horizon scanners, constantly looking at how new technology, in any walk of life, could be applied in public safety.  And, by combining our tech know-how with police agencies operational expertise, we’re chasing our purpose of creating new ways to protect officers and save lives, strengthen bonds with communities, and help teams spend more time policing.

A key focus of our innovative drive is to create highly intuitive devices and applications that provide officers with the rich user experience that they’ve come to expect from consumer products. And, with a new wave of technologies disrupting many industries, we’re leading efforts to harness advances like blockchain, augmented reality and drones that we believe could transform many areas of policing too.

We’re also introducing AI into policing. Our new body-worn camera includes a powerful AI chip. It can sense what’s happening around – such as gunshots – to raise alarms. It will always learn to improve the way it supports officers and, in combination with our AI software, it will enable crime reports to be autonomously dictated, based on video evidence. We believe this breakthrough alone will give officers around one third of their time back to spend on the street.

To make the most of the opportunity presented by AI, we’ve created Axon’s AI Ethics Board. The first oversight body of its kind, it will ensure the ethical development of our products. Its work will educate and reassure communities that the policing benefits of AI-enabled applications will not come at the expense of the communities they serve.



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